University Games opening ceremony of flower-show female Mei Niang domineering tour

The opening ceremony, the meishi Film Academy to imitate "fan ye" is Wu Zetian appears before his scenes of the show. "Mei Niang" a seat in yellow robes, foot heel side, followed by black-clad female, standing behind two men in pink-clad maid, followed by a maid in the distance of more than 10 people. When walking to the podium, all the "Squire" salute to squat, "Wu" slowly forward, open sleeves with both hands, and show aggression. However, under the friends of ridicule, "is a small chest. "
men took out the specialty of engineering, brings a cool high-tech products. Students from the College of automotive engineering teams, showing their "killing machine"-self-assembling of formula one racing.
School of Journalism team white danced together with other cartoon characters in the little Apple, the Institute's team is great and Tang master combination of 4 people, put on a white Rob monk, monkey, pig and sand monk saving master through play.
the opening ceremony, the Aerospace Institute team theme is the exploration of the universe. Throughout the show most eye-catching square, is the capsule model. Author Ying Wong told reporters that the model consists of her and the other 9 students spend five or six days to complete. Ying Wong said, "you're really just let the astronauts wore camouflage uniforms, and then coated with quilts, made, they are heavy. ” BACK PAGE