Dropped out of college students ' pioneering work burdens of his folk art heritage

&Nbsp;  quit College to home business--Shandong gaomi guy Nie Peng said with a smile this is our first 25 years in the life of "major accident". "Accident" the origin, is a nearly 500-year history of non-material cultural heritage project: niejiazhuang. About Nie Peng workshop in NIE Jia Zhuang, dozens of "mud Tiger" lined sizes and bright colors. Nie Peng picked one of them says: "to finish a ' muddy Tiger ' takes 10 procedures, 5 colors on, pick up, put down the repetitions, 78 times. "
pick up, put down, 78 times. Seemingly monotonous rhythm of village life is that the seven hundred or eight hundred people for a long time.
Manulife family genealogy, niejiazhuang first appeared in the early years of the Ming dynasty, when slack in the past almost every thing will be made in a variety of mud sales to neighboring villages. Local folk songs spread: "NIE Jia Zhuang, South Gate, every household clay. "
Nie Peng was a folk influence, and father a sum of a painting, the midnight oil making clay sculptures of scenes to be his most touching memories of childhood. In grade school, he would even do simple mud.
with the increase of age, Nie Peng began to assume this is a "not to lose the craft", and he even thought that one day he can take the ancient folk crafts become bigger and stronger.
, however, as provincial-level people's father did not want his son to go the same way, "parents expect me to learn from a long-term technology, to the outside world a good adventure. "Nie Peng said.
2010 Nie Peng admitted to Shandong art college art majors. College life brings him fresh at the same time, was away from home for the first time by the young people began to think about what you really love. Hidden in the genes in the body suddenly wakes up, Nie Peng did not even hesitate to choose voluntarily, home pinch clay sculptures – this decision, Nie Peng of the University life has only just begun for 3 months.
first opposing of the stubborn young man into the vast ocean of folk art, and hard work.
Nie Peng of the withdrawal caused a stir at home, many villagers talk about: "come back little promise? "" Young, can earn thousands of dollars a month in the last class, do something bad? "After
pleaded with useless, one day, his father called to the front of Nie Peng, earnest told:" If you choose this path, can never give up, some passing on good technology, create some new things with young people thinking. "
as the village's only a young man of clay as a profession, Nie Peng roll up their sleeves and devoted. Average forty or fifty a day clay paint, produced more than 10 "mud Tiger". In order to meet customer demand, overtime is common, especially the Spring Festival peak demand season, a busy more than 10 hours, eating only one meal a day.
Nie Peng enjoyed however. In his view, no two "mud Tiger" is exactly the same, each Tiger, he's willing to stay with this thing, to share their joys and sorrows. BACK PAGE