Robotics and intelligent manufacturing laboratory of the Chinese University of Hong Kong established

&Nbsp;   17th reporters learned from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, chaired by the principal of the school, Professor Xu yangsheng in the Hong Kong Declaration "United Engineering Laboratory Robotics and intelligent manufacturing State and local" granted a joint project for State and local laboratories. It is reported that this is Hong Kong dajian school approved construction of the first national engineering laboratory.
national joint Engineering Laboratory, engineering research center of China national development and Reform Commission, according to economic and social development strategy needs and national capacity building plan on the basis of independent innovation, to further strengthen the regional characteristic industry's innovation capacity-building to promote convergence with the State scientific and technological innovation system and layout of national local joint innovation platform.
in Hong Kong (Shenzhen) Robotics and intelligent manufacturing countries jointly with local engineering laboratory jointly by the school's robotics team the Institute of Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, wasu robot company formed.
laboratory under the leadership of Professor Xu yangsheng, has formed a strong research team, the team currently has 44 people, most of the members have studied abroad, and has been a full-time participation in laboratory research, robot sensing, perception, control and interaction, energy, and many other significant breakthroughs had been made. Research rankings, the team is one of the world's most active robot research team, carry out national plan for scientific research, in surrounding space robots, industrial robots, service robots, robots, medical robotics, intelligent mobile robots and other fields has been successfully developed over more than 30 robots and intelligent systems research, world leader and has broad application prospects.
the laboratory will main around five a robot key technology expand research and application model research, which including: intelligent manufacturing key technology, and service robot key technology, and more sensing information fusion of wear type key technology, and non-standard special robot key technology, and intelligent monitoring key technology, while will focus breakthrough industrial robot and the intelligent equipment manufacturing, and family service robot, and space space robot, and special robot, and medical robot, and intelligent carries platform robot of industrialization application. BACK PAGE