Translation contest yesterday in the capital competition highlighting cultural charms

&Nbsp;   the night of April 8, Beijing language and Culture University interpretation for the fourth international translation competition finals and award ceremony held in Beijing. Competition, including Britain and the United States and France over more than 10 countries and territories over more than 290 students, University students and members of the public to participate in, 6130 translation application allows people to see the charm of the hot jobs in China.
international translation competition from Beijing language and Culture University to run has been successfully held four sessions, attracted a lot of attention at home and abroad. The contest in December 2014, over the past 4 months, thousands of translators, interpreters from the countries and regions gathered in one of the elite. Among them, the translation contest registration 5341, interpretation contest registration 789 people.
contest is divided into translation contest and interpretation contest categories, including general text translation and translation contest is divided into news compilation, including Chinese-English, English-Chinese, Chinese-English law, fahan, and news compiled translation, information compiled by translating all 6 group matches and interpretation contest, including English consecutive interpretation and French interpreter two group matches.
interpretation contest in-situ strain, the pronunciation of the language requirements of high concern. This interpretation contest theme is "the ' new normal ' of China and the world", both Chinese and foreign experts on the discussed this hot issue, Asian banks, shadow banks, the Ukraine crisis, Islamic countries and other hot spots and meimei, and Gao Fushuai Internet catchphrases such as, rich is capricious everyone sounded nice, is the strength of tested translators. Contestants in the show's superb translation skills, winning applause from time to time.
President of the International Federation of University College of fulanke·Pite and Germany famous sinologist and translator Pite·kupufu also came to the final scene, as students cheered. Pite·kupufu is as a superior language abilities of students are delighted.
Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing language and Culture University said Wang Luxin, translation as a cross-cultural exchange of information, the essence of which is to disseminate, in which the translator's role is pivotal. A qualified translator should both speed and quality, and international trends, to write a new chapter in the language of the times. The contest not only provides students with a platform to show ability to translate, but also showcase the Beijing language and Culture University international and professional academic atmosphere and a wide range of features. BACK PAGE