Why RTHK English better using good English teaching four strokes

Here is a Hong Kong English studies:
and pure English environment
non-English-speaking children in the critical period for learning languages (criticalperiod, usually at 3-10) started to learn English, if there is good English language environment, just like children in English-speaking countries through the "acquisition" approach to learning English. Primary school children began to learn English at this critical time. In the era of colonization, English has been the official legal language in Hong Kong, the Government has always attached importance to English education, for a long time, most schools are taught in English in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong is an international city, all foreign exchange are mainly in English. In Hong Kong, it is absolutely no problem communicating in English, creating a very strong atmosphere of learning English. My English is not enough, we should never adopt "acquisition" as a way to teach our students to learn English, so we want to create sufficient language as much as possible "acquisition" opportunities created for the children of "acquisition" of English learning environment.
to create "acquisition" learning environment the primary strategy is to create a purely English learning environment. The language environment in language learning without real, Anglo children relaxed in a pure English environment learn English, Chinese children born in these countries as well. However, children cannot have this external environment, became the English environment in English classroom principal "position" in English class we have to insist on speaking English, English teaching, children can only speak English in the classroom, as the mother tongue of "forgotten". Let children drown in a sea of English, over time, their children are naturally "acquisition" in English. Qualified schools can also take advantage of campus radio broadcasting English songs, stories in English; making English posters, signs, banners, and other organized creation of campus English corner for English-speaking children with the opportunity to practice, so as to further create more strong English for the children of "acquisition" atmosphere.
II, the implementation of task-based approach to learning
created for the children "learn" learning another strategy is the implementation of task-based learning environment. For put integrated language using capacity of training implementation in teaching process in the, English courses standard recommends teachers in class teaching in the used practice sex strong, and has clear task target of "task type" learning way, makes teaching close to students, and close to life, and close to social, let students hands-on solution himself side of problem, in solution problem of process in the learned learning, and learned cooperation, and learned English. "Task-oriented learning activities" through interpretation, expression, ask instructions to develop language ability in the form of, the core of which is learning by doing (learningbydoing), that is, in practice, the model generally involves the project design, construction of group learning, collaborative practice and goal. Students with a clear mission objectives and take the initiative to learn, in the process of performing tasks, students can practice, thinking, research, discussion, exchanges and cooperation, learning and using English, complete learning tasks. This teaching will will completely change traditional syntax analysis type of taught way, conducive to students in development language capacity of while, strengthened learning motivation and interest, formed learning strategy, training cooperation spirit, promotion culture understanding; while, also conducive to students thinking and imagine capacity, and aesthetic taste and art feel, and collaboration and innovation spirit, integrated quality of development, promote language subject and other subject of mutual penetration and contact. BACK PAGE