How to make the afternoon more effective five-step makes you energetic

&Nbsp;  sleep researchers have found that at midday a 26-minute NAP can improve the efficiency of 34%. In a busy day of work, if you can spare a little siesta break, guaranteed to make your work more efficient. So how do workers to ensure the quality of their NAP?
How to make the afternoon more productive   the five-step makes you energetic
How to make the afternoon more productive   five steps to energize you
Seinfeld''s George Costanza built a bed under his desk, but we''lltell you how to be a bit more subtle.
Seinfeld's George (George Costanza) at his desk under a bed. We tell you how to do something a bit more discreet.
You Will Need
you want
1. A spot to sleep sleep stations
2. An alarm clock
3. And 20 uninterrupted minutes 20 minutes undisturbed
4. Big headphones (optional) headphones (optional)
Steps steps Step 1 Find a quiet place to find somewhere quiet to
Find a place at work where you can sleep uninterrupted for at least 20 minutes-your Office orcubicle, the backseat of your car, an underused conference room, the mailroom, under yourboss''s desk when they''re away. BACK PAGE